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My name is Jacob AKA My Best Friend Jacob

I know what it feels like to be grinding. 

For Over a decade I was chasing my dreams of becoming a Billboard charting producer.
Nothing was working...

So I decided to pivot into making music for Film & TV which ended up working out!

In 2019 I scored the Travis Scott Documentary: Look Mom I Can Fly

But I was still far away from where I wanted to be.

Producing for artists, not scoring their films…

A big part of film today is sound design.

I didn’t realize it at the time but over those 10 years I was teaching myself to create ear catching sounds.

I started applying  what I learned about sound design to production.

And I started to catch the ear of my favorite artists and producers.

In less than six months after the film dropped, I landed my first major placement with Russ!

The record made top five on the Billboard charts and was performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

It made me realize that I always had the work ethic to make it...

I just didn’t have “the sound” when I was struggling ten years ago.


A BRAND NEW Virtual Instrument with my personal curated sounds.

Only Available Here! 

Hosted in an easy to use plugin that works in every digital audio workstation.

It includes the sounds I used on “Patience” by Russ.

And I’m bundling it with FREE bonuses for the Producergrind Community

Save over $400 Today


Your Cost Today: Only $29.99

Total Value: $446

  • The Octave Virtual Instrument - Featuring sounds created using rare analog gear. Used by Grammy-winning and Billboard producers. (Value $299)
  • BONUS #1 The Octave Sample Pack - MP3 + High-Quality WAV Tracked-Out Stems To Easily switch up the arrangements! (Value $69.99) -----
  • Compatible with ALL DAW’s Just Drag and Drop and make you're next hit!
  • BONUS #2 The Billboard Drum Kit: Over 40 High Quality Drum Samples created by #1 Billboard Producer Nick Luscombe (21 Savage, Teck-9ine)
  • BONUS #3 ​The MIDI Master Pack: Over 40 chord progressions & Melodies created for quickness. Drag and drop into any DAW.
  • Let's Work! Send me what you create with Octave and I'll send it to my network for potential placements


Hey, My Name is Jacob AKA My Best Friend Jacob. 

I've worked with artists such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and Russ 
Have you ever lost inspiration? can’t find the right melody, sound or sample?
It's not your fault! I've seen it happen to top producers. 

In 2020, you need to be quick. The more beats you make, the more opportunity you’ll have to place them with artists.

Going through hundreds of samples and thousands of presets has become the enemy of creativity.

So I created a product to help you save time finding sounds, samples and melodies that work together. 
It's called the Octave Bundle! 

It includes the Octave VST with my curated presets and sounds. 

+ 12 Samples with full composition stems. 

+ The Octave Drum Kit with my go to drum sounds

And over 40 MIDI chord progressions, hi hat patterns, and drum patterns. 
Success in the music industry is all about relationships.

I want to kick off our relationship by giving you access to the VST that made my beats stand out! 

Plus if you make a beat with any of the Octave products, and it's hot...

I'll gladly send it out for any placment oppertunites I have. 

Collaboration is key! 
Octave VST: Quickly access sounds I've curated and created using vintage gear.

The instrument works on both Mac & PC and features sounds found in your Octave samples
(normally $229.99 each)

Octave Sample Pack: (12 total) Sell and profit from the beats you create with them. See FAQ below for more details.
(normally $69.99 each)

Octave Drum Kit: Easily find drums that slap. This pack was created by multi-platinum, grammy nominated producer Nick Luscombe.

Octave MIDI Pack: Beat Block got you? Use Busy Works Beats MIDI kit to speed up your workflow. 
please note: this offer is only available at this price for the next 72 hours
after that, it's gone!

Listen, I love Omnisphere but having access to every preset in the world is overwhelming.

Thousands of presets & knobs means thousands of clicks trying to find the right sound. 

If you’re like me then you know this can ruin your creativity when it’s most important.

What I've learned from the best producers is that, less is more!


Top producers are getting more done by limiting what they use, to only the best.

Knowing what sounds work together can get you to your production goals quicker.

That’s why I’m offering you my go to collections of sounds, samples and drums.

Only available for a limited time!


Success in the music industry is all about relationships.
I want to kick off our relationship by giving you access to the VST that made my beats stand out!

Plus if you make a beat with any of the Octave products, and it's hot...

I'll gladly send it out for any placement opportunities I have.

Collaboration is key! 

Grammy-Winning Producer (Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, Drake, Kendrick, J Cole, Travis)
"Jacob is a musical and sound design master. His texture choices and ear for infectious melodies set him apart from everybody. A true talent" 
Producer Grind
The leading industry source for exclusive interviews, producer news and content
"With Jacob it's always quality over quantity. Every sound can be utilized. If Jacob's name is behind it, it's got the big stamp of approval from Producer Grind."
Trained over 600,000 Producers around the world with 100 million YouTube views
"Shout out to My Best Friend Jacob, super kind, super unique… The quality that goes into his thought process is amazing.. he's here to serve you with his best"
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HERE's What you'll get when you upgrade today:
The All Star Bundle
20 Beats + UNLIMITED RIGHTS to what you can do with your songs!
  • Sell and Profit from your Songs with NO LIMITS - You'll get commercial rights to promote, distribute, perform, and sell your songs on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.
  • Professional Quality Tracked-Out Stems - Customize, arrange, and mix the beats around your song with the high quality WAV track-outs.
  • HUGE Value - Unlimited Licenses are normally $99 each. Get ALL 20 for only $27
Value: $1980
Your Cost: Just $27!
FREE Bonus #1: 
10 Additional Beats & Hooks from Platinum producers Anno Domini & Legion Beats
I've teamed up with some of the best producers from all over the world to bring you this exclusive offer!
  •  Platinum selling and Grammy winning producers - Anno Domini and Legion Beats have teamed up with me to give you 10 of their best beats & hooks! 
  • ​Work with producers who have worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Snoop, Tech N9ne and more!
  • UNLIMITED LICENSES - You'll get the tracked-out stems and unlimited licenses so you can distribute, promote, perform, and sell these songs on all platforms with no limits!
  •  Crazy Value - Normally they charge $199 for each unlimited license. That would be $1,990 for all 10. You get them FREE!
Value: $1,990
Your Cost: FREE!
FREE Bonus #2:
A discount on a powerful social media promotion service called More Music Followers so you can reach a wider audience with your music.
  • More Followers = More Fans: Get real people following you that have been targeted to be interested in your music. 
  •  Automated Service: Focus on making great music while we take care of growing your social media presence.
  •   Build your buzz: Get noticed by industry gate-keepers.
  •   Promote your music: Option to automatically send a direct message of your choice to all new followers.
  •  FREE Shoutout on Instagram: Plus you'll get a shoutout to all my Instagram followers for FREE!
Value: $47/month
Get 50% off your 1st Month!
Let me show you EVERYTHING you'll Get with the Octave Production Suite
  • Octave VST featuring sounds from my curated synth collection. ($299 Value)
  • ​Octave Sample Pack with master clearance guaranteed ($69 Value)
  • Octave Drum Kit Sounds created by multi-platinum producer Nick Luscombe ($29 Value)
  • Octave Midi Kit Drag and drop in any DAW no theory needed ($49 Value) 
  • Collab With Myself: Send me what you make and I'll shop it for placements! 
Total Value: $446
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ONE TIME OFFER: The Octave Overload Sample Pack features 10 samples with full stems ($69.99 value) made with analog gear. The samples are exclusively available with this offer and will never be sold elsewhere. This is a one time opportunity to add an extra 10 samples for less than a dollar each.

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  • Will you send out the beats I make with your samples for placements? - Absolutely! If you make a fire beat and I can get it placed we can both win together! 
  • What can I do with the Midi files? - The midi files can literally drag straight into your DAW, customise them as you work. These are the building blocks for your beats. They also 100% royalty FREE. the MIDI files work with and are playable by any VST including Octave and others like Omnisphere, Nexux,  etc. 
  • Does the VST work in all DAWs? - The VST works on both Mac & PC. It also works in any DAW like Fl Studio. Check out the overview above to see it in action! All sounds in the VST are 100% royalty free. Including the licks!
  • Do the samples work in all DAWs? - All the samples work in any DAW. Simple drag and drop them in you DAW and start cooking.  You also have the tracked-out stems for full customisation with the arrangements. 
  • Are the samples royalty free? - Are the samples royalty free? - All Drum Files, MIDI Files and VST Sounds are 100% royalty free and cleared for commercial use. The Octave Sample pack is clearance guaranteed as per the conditions laid out in the terms and service agreement (HERE)
  • Is there a money-back guarantee? - Yes. I'm so confident in this bundle that if If you don't it I'll fully refund you and you can keep the VST! That's $299 I have on the line if you don't enjoy this product. 
  • How can I contact you? - Email me at and I'll answer any questions you have 


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